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A life of connection

The luxury of life for us means being together as a family. We are conscious of our guests’ wants and needs, and we know what it means to let people be free and take roots beyond the ordinary. And we know how it feels to reunite and share all those moments that make our time memorable.

We live our lives being light at heart and with down-to-earth demeanour. We love the direct way, but are full of joy in discovering new things. We cherish where we come from, but do not shy from walking new paths. Our unique outlook on life is where we summon up the inspiration and incentive to live our joint dream: being in the moment. In a place informed by the feeling of being welcome and cared for without ever being interrupted. The perfect balance of distance and closeness, of togetherness and individuality makes true connection and our time on earth worthwhile. Just like the harmony between nature and luxury – and the wonderful people visiting us to find their true home away from home.

Our philosophy is embodied throughout Domenig’s Luxury Apartments, which makes our core values visible. They become manifest in each of our eight high-end apartments and in the scintillating beauty they all comprise. Every apartment is unique in the emotion it houses, in its interplay of light and appearance, form and feel. Choose which one is your best fit, with one to three bedrooms, one to three bathrooms, a living room, a sauna, and a fully equipped kitchen sprawled out between 60 to 133 square metres. Come home to Domenig’s and experience life in all its abundance: with its ever-inspiring spaces and stories, encounters and experiences. Because where hospitality and honest appreciation are at home, magical moments are born.

So, we believe – Magdalena, Andreas and Johanna.
Your Domenig family
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