Luxury Apartments Fiss

Ferienwohnung Fiss Grafik



Find freedom

The freedom to be free. Luxury is living life on your own terms, expanding your view to the ways of the world, and giving yourself both the permission and time to embrace it all. Luxury dwells in lightness, possibility, joyfulness – and above all: fulfilment.

Every beginning is complete – if you feel free to create a holiday according to your life flow. This freedom awaits you in every aspect of your holiday home. In places and moments alive with the scent of nature and ease.

In features radiating fine design. And in the seamless symbiosis of the small and the vast alike. Let your eyes wander across lavish landscapes and let your mind become calm – in our luxury apartments.

60 M2 TO 133 M2



Our luxury apartments

Your exclusive

The landscape is our muse, nature our constant companion. The hand-selected materials we used for these apartments are made to create spaces of grandeur and furnish rooms with character.

Straight into the wilds
On your active
holiday in Fiss.

This place is an ode to all the adventures you can experience when you follow your intuition and venture out. The unexpected knows no schedule – and it never fails to present us with its serendipitous finds.

There is only one way to understanding nature: letting go. Let go of your car, the bus, and sometimes even the gondola. And let go of expectation and all that which provides distraction. Fulfilment awaits in the humility of now.


As hosts, we consider it our daily duty to be mindful of and remain attentive to our guests’ individual wishes and ways of life. A sense of connection emanates from our carefully crafted interiors, which embody the individual, the diverse, and the timeless without ever relying on repetition.