Design Rezeption der Domenig's Luxus Appartements

Architecture and
interior design

Lobby der Unterkunft in Fiss, Couch, Tisch, Teppich und Kunst an der Wand

Precious materials

sumptuous fabrics

exquisite décor

Embodying the individual

We seek style that naturally excites emotion. The effortless fusion of nature and architecture, subtle but sure in its appearance. A confident commitment to pure passion: clear, calm, consistent. Where the silhouettes of the surrounding mountains unite with the subtleties of sophisticated design.

Architecture, like all art, thrives on excited participation rather than mere observation. Places come to life with inspiration and become a refuge for body, mind, and soul. Discover open spaces radiating with light elegance and understated luxury – and experience vital new energy.

Our exclusive interiors with their unique mood and character are designed to move you and remind you of what true excitement means.

Rooted in vision


They are our foundation. Their synergy shapes our interiors in every minutia. Rediscover the colours of nature on linen and leather, archaic stone and warming wool carpets. Read the ramifications of the wooden flooring like ever-growing lifelines.

Haute design with a homely feel


The finest fabrics clothe our rooms in inspiring textures and wrap our guests in nuances of lofty rootedness. Cloaked in the warmth of the most exclusive fabrics, you can feel free to let go of it all, and re-connect with your inner and outer worlds.

Delicate and distinctive


Generous glass elements beckon the natural scenery inside and reflect the clarity of our design language with distinctive style, timeless composition, and discreet luxury. This is what well thought out feels like.

Appartement Fiss 2, Blick Schlafzimmer auf den Schrank Appartement Fiss 4, Küche Lederstuhl grau

We strive to create an entirely new place. A place unique in its identity and how it speaks to its surroundings. This place is non-negotiable. It is fulfilling in its mere function. It has a story of its own, character, and holds experiences only you can experience.

Portrait von

Design has its own time. The vision of Reinhard Strasser seems timeless. He combines past and future in a vibrant symbiosis of luxury and natural connection that shapes the design landscape. His imagination exceeds all boundaries and our luxury apartments are infused with his unmistakable style. They are a testimony to his creative genius, the clever art of interior design, with each room giving form to emotion and experience and creating a soulful home to the omnipresent inspiration.