Arrival Fiss A worls for yourself

A world
for yourself

And where to find it


Travel along wild and romantic roads and follow the rays of shimmering sunshine. They will guide you to a plateau towering high above the valley and daily life. Find a landscape that feels truer to itself than anywhere else and discover a horizon that knows no end. From here, all it takes is one step to stumble into the holiday of your dreams.

At 1.438 metres above sea level, the spectacle of nature unfolds. Rugged mountains ranges, dotted with slate blue peaks, and ravishingly beautiful rivers meandering through the meadows characterise the landscape. Lose yourself in the familiar feel of the vast wilderness, and feel welcome.

Here, in our luxury apartments, you are free to fill the space with your own wishes, visions, and stories yet to be told. Experience small moments of serenity that leave big marks in your life. And find your way back to the places that make you feel like home: in your mind, your memory, and your heart.


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